Risk management – certainty by transparency

Effective risk management is essential for any company. Only if you know your risks can you assess, control and avoid them. The problem is that there is little room in everyday business to make time for vital risk assessment and control   It is often not carried out until the auditor or shareholders demand it, or if trouble starts to emerge.

We have the experience and trained eye to integrate into your company a tailor-made, practicable risk management system. Full account is taken of legal requirements: since 1998 limited companies have been required to set up a monitoring system for early identification of risks (§91 Para 2 AktG ((the Corporate Control and Transparency Act). The purpose of this standard is that ‘‘the Board has to take appropriate measures, specifically to install a monitoring system, so that developments that could endanger the existence of the company are identified at an early stage’’. We undertake systematic identification, documentation and assessment of the individual risks facing your organization. Considered risk prevention proposals and defined KPIs for early identification of risks create a high degree of security. Effective monitoring and emergency plans permit the long-term integration of risk management into process chains. Another important aspect of our work is successful know-how transfer. If, once we have finished our work, you are able to take charge of your own risk management and concentrate on your opportunities, then we have done a good job!