Management Coaching – New impulses for your team

Managers support their teams every day, whether as supervisors, advisors, career planners or even as supportive friends in personal matters. Yet at times managers could really use their own ‘sparring partner’ to provide objective feedback and fresh ideas. This is where ADDRED with its experienced coaches can provide effective support. We cover the whole spectrum of expert management coaching, including management style analysis, personal career planning, competence development to cover new task areas, and how to attain set targets. Together with the coaches we establish a snapshot of the current situation. We use this as a basis to develop forward-looking ideas and targets, precisely tailored to the individual manager in question.   And because theory alone can be a bit dull, we show the customer concrete, attainable action steps and help out during implementation.. Regular review through feedback, training and communication leads to long-term success.

ADDRED – empowering your success