Idea and innovation management – from vision to reality

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”- Henry Ford (founder of Ford Motor Company).

Henry Ford proved it: a vision can change everything, but it takes courage to achieve that vision. We strongly believe that there is a wealth of potential ideas and visions in every organization that is just waiting to be discovered. Let us help you tap into that potential, regardless of whether you are targeting a company suggestion scheme, solutions to particular problems, or fresh ideas from outside.

Successful ideas/ innovation management requires a high degree of mental freedom. It is important that there are no mental restrictions imposed on either you or us. ‘Too complicated, too expensive, too weird’ – these aspects are not important for the actual creation of ideas. The best thing about it? That one good idea always leads to another. We use guided think-tanks to develop visions. We bring together employees from every possible department and management level , and motivate them to think beyond their usual limits. Of course we also act as a prompt, with our knowledge from a whole range of sectors, enabling your organization to start seeing in a completely new way.

Maybe it can be thought, but can it really be done? Our input doesn’t end with just a collection of ideas and visions. We assess the innovative power of the ideas, analyse their potential, and evaluate their feasibility. Naturally we are available to you during implementation. ADDRED accompanies the whole process from the seed of an idea to when the vision becomes reality.