Energy management – how to identify and employ potential

Energy prices continue to rise and there is no end in sight. This has serious consequences for not only companies but also private and public institutions. Energy costs have an immediate impact on results. In many instances, these costs cannot be passed on directly to the customer. Furthermore, there are calls for certified energy management systems from the government, and also for economic reasons. Straightforward energy-saving methods are often insufficient to bring costs down in the longer term and to keep them under control. Comprehensive solutions are needed.

ADDRED uses its expert knowledge, combined with engineering support and economic competence, to construct a holistic energy management system. We rely on the standards required by law, DIN EN 16001 / ISO 50001, in combination with our customers’ individual requirements. As a certified energy management partner we can:

  • Investigate energy sources and volumes
  • Help you search for conversion and cost-reduction methods
  • Define KPIs
  • Carry out a use/effects analysis
  • Improve peak load handling through enhanced distribution
  • Implement an effective and workable energy management system
  • Apply for funding and investment grants.

With our purchasing experience we can also ensure that you don’t pay more for energy than you have to.

In order to achieve the best possible result for you, we involve your employees closely in our work. This is because nobody is nearer to the processes in question, and this enables unnecessary waste to be quickly identified and reduced. Good information, good training and motivation enable us to turn your employees into your company’s own energy managers.