Marketing – place for your placements

Whether you are selling products or recognizing internal achievements within a company, just being good is not enough. ADDRED’s powerful marketing plans enable you to achieve success that you can measure!

Success on the German market

One of our strong points is advising foreign companies intending to launch their products on the German market. We provide support throughout the market entry stage, such as defining target groups, developing distribution channels and securing branding rights. We don’t just give you a ready-made solution, but consider the individual requirements of every single customer, in order to achieve the best possible result.

And once you have positioned yourself on the market, we make sure that you aren’t forgotten!

Success within your own company

‘Do good and talk about it’ is good advice that is too often ignored in internal communication.   Within large organizations, it is particularly important to position your department correctly. With our communications expertise we can show you ways to market your department’s services effectively. You have to be noticed to be appreciated!