Procuring with added value

A professional, properly-structured procurement department is able to achieve far more than just negotiate terms and conditions. It makes a vital contribution to the success of the company, and this can be seen on the balance sheet. ADDRED’s experience and competence can make a measurable improvement in your procurement results.

The procurement process includes preparation and processing of a demand as well as the end receipt and approval of payment.
Procure2Pay (P2P) is a common term that is used in several Procurement tools and social media boards.
In our customer project we typically optimize the complete process cycle or just parts of it:

  • requisition and purchase planning
  • standards determination
  • specifications development
  • supplier research and selection
  • value analysis
  • financing
  • price negotiation
  • making the purchase, odering
  • complaints management
  • supply contract administration
  • inventory control and stores
  • disposals and other related functions

But it’s not just the numbers that count. We want to help you achieve professional, targeted and respectful cooperation between internal customers, buyers and suppliers.

Strategic procurement – our know-how for your team

Internal company purchasing is becoming ever more complex. For example, large-volume service and outsourcing requirements call for special know-how. At ADDRED we can equip your buyers to meet these new demands. Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

  • Structuring, expanding and rebuilding the national or international procurement organization
  • Developing and communicating coherent purchasing themes
  • Coaching of purchasing managers - develop true Procurement Leaders
  • Training for buyers and purchasing departments
  • Providing additional staff for short-term strategic projects
  • Developing third-party arrangements
  • Purchase Research Material (cips, wbr, Procurement Leaders, studies, ...)

Operational purchasing – let our strength be yours

You have a particular purchasing operation to complete, or you want to lighten the load on your purchasing staff for a short period of time? Then you can rely on us to help out. We can carry out complete purchasing projects for you: the specification, negotiations for the best terms and the final contract. Our comprehensive knowledge of purchasing matters enables us to solve the most complex problems: we are familiar with tendering procedures for public contracts, the special aspects British and American contracts, and the legal and tax issues relating to contract negotiations. We can achieve the best results for you in all these situations.

Procurement administration – perfect organization by us, for you

Good purchasing, for us, does not end with the signature on the contract. Our additional services include the ideal administration of daily tasks such as ordering processes, service level management and receipt of goods.

You want to run purchase operations yourselves and structure them in the best possible way? Then let us define the structure that you need:

  • Definition of process models and clear areas of accountability
  • create and live a proper contract management
  • Handbooks and definitions
  • Incorporation into the finance manual
  • Correct implementation of approval workflows and a clear understanding of value creation within purchasing (within the department and company-wide)

Purchasing tools – a vital aid

In order to implement a functioning purchasing strategy, it is necessary to have various tools which facilitate and ease daily tasks. We offer project support when these tools are introduced, from prioritizing your requirements through implementation and rollout to ongoing support in the following areas:

  • Supplier relationship management – project support
  • Auction
  • Portals for supplier e-procurement
  • KPI models, best-in-class criteria
  • Reporting on efficiency measurement, and success monitoring and feedback